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Keller Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

Ready to take your practice and love of yoga to the next level?

Welcome to ProjectYou, Keller Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training Program.

This program was established in the teachings of the Himalayan Institute. Drawing from these teachings that have been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years, you will study the foundational texts from which yoga has come into practice, and you will investigate your body and mind as a way to lead you back toward your Self. Not only does yoga help to refine our bodies and minds, it enables us to transcend the strong-holds of old habits and ego-identification.

Our intensive study is designed for focused learning. Potent and regular yogic practices and philosophical studies are the platform from which we teach. Your commitment to our syllabus will immerse you in the yogi’s sacred toolbox for enlightened living.

If you have experienced the benefits of yoga and are ready to deepen your practice and share your light with others, then this program is for you. Our training will not only empower you with confidence, knowledge and direct experience, you will also meet life long friends and a community that will be a source of support and comfort as you take this inward journey of self-discovery, leading you into a life of teaching. As those around you witness the great changes that unfold in your life, you will realize that in every moment, we are teaching those around us through our example.

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Our Curriculum:

Certification requirements:

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Keller Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training

Prerequisite: A 200HR YTT Certification from an accredited Yoga Studio

This course will take your practice, experience and understanding to the next level! It builds upon what is taught in our 200hr, however, we accept people who have received their 200hr certification from other schools. We make sure each student gets plenty of attention, direction and practice teaching. We offer a portion of the course in modular form, meaning you can take the modules in any order and begin your 300hr journey any time. The other portion of the course is taught along side our 200hr training, where we separate the 300hr trainees from the 200hr trainees in order to teach some more advanced or in-depth aspect of what the 200hr trainees are learning. Periodically, we bring in the 300hr trainees into the 200hr training room to allow practice and application of what they just learned in a larger group setting. This is incredibly fun and dynamic experience!

Our Curriculum:

Price and Payment Info:

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To find out if our ProjectYOU 300HR YTT is right for you.

Our YTT Instructors:

Shanti Nolen was raised in the tradition of yoga and meditation and has practiced the majority of life using the tools and techniques she teaches. She has studied the anatomy and physiology through 14 years as a massage therapist and in college courses in anthropology and nutrition science. She is gifted at making anatomy and physiology fun and functional in its application. She her love for practical yoga philosophy are said by students to be life changing and inspiring, making ancient texts digestible to our modern lives and current understanding. From her, you will learn the practice of meditation, mantra, pranayama and asana as a means of healing, quieting the mind and experiencing true self-acceptance.

Jade Martinez Our resident Ayurvedic Doctor teaches the fundamentals as well as practical understanding and uses of Ayruveda for health, longevity and balance of body and mind. His approach is interactive, fun and the breadth of his knowledge is wide. He will help you understand how to use Ayurveda to inform your yoga classes throughout the seasons of the year and how to apply much of the wisdom of food as medicine to your daily life.

Mentors are ProjectYOU alumni graduates who are choosing to pay it forward to the next generation of teachers. Each new student is paired with a mentor to help get guidance, feedback, and to be of support as you go through the program. Mentor relationships are there for you to ask questions and get new perspectives as yoga applies to everyone in a unique way. We have found these connections extremely beneficial not only to the new trainees but also to the mentors, because it is true that you learn a subject best when you have to teach it. It keeps everyone growing and learning even past official training.

Visiting Instructors:

During our trainings we sometimes bring in esteemed instructors from the Himalayan Institute to offer more depth and connection to the lineage, enabling a more powerful experience and a strong anchor from which your own inner teacher will blossom and be held steady. In the arms of a living tradition, you can rest assure in the quality of what you learn and what you will teach.

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Keller Yoga teaches the whole scope of Yoga and the lifestyle behind it. They provide a life changing experience that prepares you to not only enter the field of teaching Yoga in a well-rounded manner but they also provide you with the knowledge and understanding to live it out in your own daily personal practice of life. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience through the Keller Yoga 200Hr-YTT. Thank you for giving me the tools to change my life!

~ Amanda

Way more than a teacher training. I left with the knowledge to teach asanas and the confidence to teach them which is what is the real game changer. This teacher training would change anyone's life whether they end up teaching or not. Thank you Keller Yoga.

~ Emily

The education that Keller Yoga is providing their teachers in training is truly life changing! I have recommended and witnessed the graduation of more trainees myself. This is truly a unique experience and I hope to continue my education with Keller Yoga as much as I possibly can.

~ Jacki

I had struggled with finding my direction in life. I knew I had something to do, but my previous job was not fulfilling me like it had for so many years. After taking a 5 year hiatus, I decided it was time to take action and find my purpose again. Keller Yoga is where I found it. The training was hands down amazing. It truly opened me up and helped me see the things that were holding me back. After the program, I have such a renewed sense of self. I feel more confident, I look different, and I am more spiritual now than I ever have been. Keller Yoga and the teacher training program helped reinvent me into the person I am today. I am so thankful for their wonderful guidance and loving hearts.

~ Amy

After a few months of practicing yoga at Keller Yoga, I took a plunge and enrolled in the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. I thought it would be cool to get paid while I worked out and I was really tired of beating myself up at the gym! My knee was a wreck from overdoing weight lifting and high intensity training classes....and I was curious as to why I felt so much better after doing yoga (energized, uplifted) versus my normal gym classes (drained and always exhausted). Additionally, I was suffering from a high amount of anxiety that was left over from previous life experiences. From this anxiety, I had developed night terrors as an adult and from that I had suffered insomnia for over 6 years. It was probably about half way into the teacher training that my insomnia disappeared. It was and still is nothing short of a miracle. Through the guidance of Shanti and Tripura, I was able to connect with myself on a deeper level. I came to the understanding that there is a part within all of us that can never be hurt and I tune into that part of myself daily and my fear has been extinguished. Looking back, the yoga teacher training has been a Godsend. I meditate daily and have found an inner peace that is a true gift. In addition, my knee is healing and I have been blessed with true friendships from the experience. Thank you so much Keller Yoga!

~ Amanda

This teacher training not only prepares you to teach yoga, it prepares you for the rest of your life! You will not only come out a better teacher, you will come out a better human being! The love and respect that these teachers showed me, and continue to show me, is immeasurable.

~ Jennifer

I received an outstanding education through Keller Yoga. I feel prepared and more to begin my practice as a yoga teacher. Shanti and her staff are top!!

~ Tiffany

Keller Yoga YTT200 is an amazing teaching program designed for self awareness, personal growth and learning to connect.

~ Kristi

The teacher training at Keller Yoga was life changing. The training was led by 3 different teachers, each with their own style and approach to teaching. This led to a well-rounded training, full of understanding of body mechanics and safety, ways to integrate your own style into teaching, and a deep understanding of yogic philosophy. They also helped shed layers of fear, which was truly life changing. The time we held together was filled with nurturance and compassion, deep knowledge and support for each trainee to grow. This is a remarkable experience!

~ Mandy

I began practicing at Keller Yoga and became involved in the Keller Yoga community. I learned that yoga was about so much more than poses and savasana. I was hungry, no, starving to learn more. I had gotten a taste of the transformative power of yoga, and I had to have more. Although being a yoga teacher had always been on my radar, I have a career in nursing that I love, and learning to teach yoga was not my primary intention for committing to yoga teacher training. Transformation was. I committed to the Keller Yoga ProjectYOU 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. I experienced healing from life’s past traumas, improved mental and physical health, and increased knowledge and awareness of all the aspects of yoga, not just the poses! I learned to be comfortable and confident leading students through a yoga class. Most of all, I learned that all the beliefs I held about why I wasn’t “right” to be a yogi were false! I learned that yoga does not require you to be a certain type of person in order to participate. I long held the belief that I wasn’t enough. Through ProjectYOU, I have come to wholeheartedly believe that I absolutely AM ENOUGH! I gained empowerment. I gained freedom. I gained peace. I’m a better nurse and human because of ProjectYOU, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of such a positively life-altering experience.

~ Lacey

Shanti is an amazing teacher! She has a profound ability to make yogic philosophy come alive and applicable to my everyday life. It was a life-changing experience studying with her!

~ Aubrey

The Keller Yoga Teacher Training program immediately puts the teacher trainees into a general public yoga class where they observe, learn and later teach part of the class under the watchful eye and gentle review by their teacher. This gives the trainees confidence and practical teaching experience. The Yoga Community of Keller Yoga have been very accepting and supportive of the trainees, a winning situation for all.

~ Nancy

Yoga means union. Union of a mind, body, and soul. Union of a person and the people around them. Union of a person and the environment around them. Some yoga teacher training programs focus primarily on physical movement. This can be a great thing. After all, any fitness instructor needs to be knowledgeable about their movement style and proper alignment. Some yoga teacher training programs don’t emphasize asanas (poses) as much, choosing to focus more on different aspects such as history and philosophy, mediation, or another limb of yoga. The wonderful thing about Keller Yoga’s teacher training program, ProjectYou, is how well-rounded the curriculum is. A student of this program can expect to graduate with a strong foundational understanding of the eights limbs of yoga (including asanas and their proper alignment), the history and philosophy behind yoga, and how to apply such valuable knowledge to one’s daily life. I graduated from Keller Yoga’s ProjectYou in December of 2018. Here, I found insurmountable support from my lead teachers and colleagues, all of whom became like family to me. We laughed, cried, learned, processed, and grew together. I was the youngest member of this group, being that I graduated from yoga teacher training before I graduated from high school, but I was treated with just as much respect and reverence as the next person. Before ProjectYou, I tended to be asocial, anxious, and under-confident. I felt compelled to enroll in this program, and I’m so glad I did because I do not recognize the person I was before. It’s very strange to look into the eyes of a past photograph of yourself and not recognize who it is. ProjectYou caught my interest, challenged me in unexpected ways, and led me to my fullest potential. Through yoga, I learned how to release anxious thoughts and harmful patterns of behavior. That led to gains in my confidence, which subsequently allowed me to go to school, make phone calls, and generally interact with people without wanting to cry. Let it be clear that the leaders of this program, and the curriculum itself, do not believe that they can help, fix, or resolve any of your problems. This is because you are not broken. You are whole, you are exceptionally wonderful in every way, and everything you need is already within you. This program is designed to show you these truths within yourself, within your environment, and within every person you meet. I originally came into ProjectYou with the intention of learning how to teach yoga so I could have a fun job throughout college. I gained so much more than I could have ever imagined. If you want to learn how to teach yoga, this program is for you. If you want to learn about the history and philosophy behind yoga, this program is for you. If you want to live intentionally and authentically; if you want to discover indescribably beauty with every living and non-living being; or if you want to overcome a physical, mental, or emotional mountain in your life, this is the program for you. Come see what’s under the tip of the iceberg.

~ Claudia