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Schedule of Yoga Workshops, Camps, Events, and Series

Date Event
Sun Oct 28 9:30 AM Community Kirtan
Sun Oct 28 5PM Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Wed Nov 21 5PM Kids Thanksgiving Yoga Party
Wed Nov 21 7PM Closed for Thanksgiving
Thu Nov 22 8AM Closed for Thanksgiving
Fri Nov 23 8AM Closed for Thanksgiving
Sat Nov 24 1PM Toys for Tots - Yoga for a Cause
Fri Nov 30 7PM Dance Party
Sat Dec 15 1PM Playful Powerful Practice
Sun Dec 23 12AM Closed For Christmas
Mon Dec 24 12AM Closed For Christmas
Tue Dec 25 12AM Closed For Christmas
Wed Dec 26 11AM KIDS YOGA CAMP SESSION 1 (0/12)
Thu Dec 27 11AM KIDS YOGA CAMP SESSION 1 (0/12)
Fri Dec 28 11AM KIDS YOGA CAMP SESSION 1 (0/12)